Call 2 Fall

C2F Journey: Day 23

Are you involved in any improper relationships?

An improper relationship could be anything from adultery and fornication to simply being inappropriately close to someone. For example, a young person may be emotionally involved with someone too old or vice versa. A husband may be too emotionally close to a female friend or work mate. A wife may be too emotionally involved with a male friend or work mate. Husbands and wives may be sharing things with others that should only be shared with their mate. Spouses may spend too much time with friends to the neglect of their marriage partner. Parents can be too involved in the lives of their married children or married children too dependent on parents.

You may be involved with someone and while you say we're just friends," you know it has become more than friendship. Don't try to rationalize or defend a relationship you know is improper. It inevitably opens the door to Satan and leads you into ever deepening bondage.

Improper relationships involve many things besides physical immorality. Because it's so easy to rationalize, this sin has become prevalent among Christians. It is the soil from which adultery and fornication so often grow. Ask God to reveal any relationships that are improper or out of balance. It is vital that you stop it now before it gets worse. Be honest with God and with yourself. And, do not despair; God will give you the strength to change!

In confessing and forsaking every improper, sinful or potentially sinful relationship, let us confidently claim the forgiveness and empowerment of the covenant in Christ's blood.  We are accepted and justified in Him! 


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