Call 2 Fall

C2F Journey: Day 9

1 Peter 5:5 - "God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble."

Psalm 51:17 - "A broken and contrite heart, 0 God, you will not despise."

Pride is a subtle sin so easily overlooked. Perhaps the worse form of pride is the attitude of spiritual complacency that sees little need for cleansing and growth in one's own life. True revival always begins with deep humility and brokenness over sin (2 Chronicles 7:14).

Questions for Reflection: Do you think yourself quite spiritual? Do you often criticize and judge others? Are you frequently trying to set others straight? Do you spend daily time allowing God to deeply search your life or do you feel you need little cleansing? Are you truly broken and contrite over your shortcomings or do you think, "Oh well, no one is perfect"?

Are you desperately hungry to see a mighty move of God or are you somewhat complacent? Do you come across as having a "holier than thou attitude?" If you feel that you have nearly "arrived" and need little growth, you are guilty of the worst form of spiritual pride. God hates self righteousness and spiritual complacency. Immediately confess and forsake the sin of pride. Believe Christ for a spirit of genuine humility and contriteness of heart.

As confess and forsake our attitudes and acts of pride, we must always remember it is "Christ in us, the Hope of Glory" (Col. 1:27). As believers, we are forgiven and empowered only by the covenant of Christ's blood and His indwelling life.  As we plead His precious blood and wholly trust in His fullness, victory over pride and growth in humility will surely be ours! 

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